Complete redesign of Tibira brand, including logo, bottle, labels, webdesign and all promotional materials.

It is a drink exceptional in its composition, holistic in its action. It is all natural, delicious, fermented and naturally sparkling, made using the ancient Tibi culture

The delicious specific taste is distinct, refreshing, pleasantly sparkling with a soft, slightly fruity aroma. Logo represents the Tibi Crystal growing into "PLANT" of life..

Fermentation creates natural CO2, which continues to form thanks to the liveliness of the drink and thus supports the specific taste of the drink.

PROUST coffée

Family-owned, Czech, honest roastery Proust, for which we have prepared an attractive and very rich design of coffee labels. 

Each label is distinguished by the distinct color of the coffee leaves. The rebranding also included changing the original logo.

Limited edition Kubanita label includes golden hot foil to enhance the premium quality of the brand.

Selection of sustainable solutions designed to help to create a healthier home while reducing your environmental footprint. 


We begin to realize that the planet is our home. Listening to the call of our soul begins to awaken in us a sense of belonging with everyone and everything, with other people, plants and animals, with the entire planet. 

And here begins the story of our future. Natasha brand represents  consious living and not toxic cleaning products for your houshold.

From biodegradable cleaners to reusable utensils, the products are safe for your family and the planet. 

We designed the whole eco household categories, which start making a positive impact on the environment.

Baron Hildprandt is a premium spirit, which was launched in 2014 in 3 different flavors. 

Luxurious bottle, premium label simulating bronze plate and black gift box are suitable for this premium drink.

Baron Hildprandt

The castle distillery opposite his water castle in Blatná was founded by Baron František Hildprandt in 1885. 

The fate of his family then literally followed the creed, which is inscribed in the family coat of arms. "Over the Obstacles to Fame" - "Přes překážky ke slávě."

New bottle selection, new label design for luxurious limited edition was done with precision and attention to detail.

KaPartneři manage the financial assets of wealthy families, companies, municipalities, foundations and churches. Comprehensively and independently. 

K a Partneři

COMPLEX REBRANDING including LOGO DESIGN, stationary and promotional materials was done.

Branding of all buildings in 4 different cities across Czech Republic, including offices spaces navigation system, also web design, online tools, roll ups and social media images.

Selection of the blue light color from the "Franz Josef" era was not a coincidence.